Wednesday, 28 August 2013


A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of joining a friend and her mom on a long weekend to Franschoek, while the boys enjoyed a rather dirty OppiKoppi weekend. We were blessed with great weather for most of the weekend, so we decided to have ourselves a Saturday lunch at The Kitchen.

I came to know about this restaurant from a post by the talented photographer, Tasha Seccombe, who took some stunning photos of the place. As mentioned in some of my previous posts, I am a huge lover of Weylandt's furniture and decor.. and this is actually the family home of owner and mastermind behind the Weylandts brand, Chris Weylandt.

"Maison is my family home. It is dedicated to three simple pursuits: the production of beautiful wines, the making of delicious food and the appreciation of great design. Our wine-producing vineyard includes a stunning new tasting room and restaurant where you can relax in a space that engages all the senses. I invite you to come and enjoy it. Share intimate moments in good company and create memories over a bottle of wine and delicious food that will stay with you for years to come."

Who can say no to that? I know I can't..

Monday, 26 August 2013


Little by little I am discovering the heart of this lovely city of gold.  Although I am not yet a resident of Johannesburg, I spend most of my week and weekends here.  Fourth Avenue in Parkhurst must be one of my favorite places to visit. It reminds me so much of the streets of Cape Town, with really awesome restaurants, coffee and designer shops. They also have that charming lack of parking space, leaving you with a short walk to and from the restaurant. Nothing better to work off those consumed calories.

One of my favorite go-to brunch hot-spots in Parkhurst is the lovely Nice on Fourth, on the corner of 4th and 14th avenue. The long line of people standing outside and waiting patiently for a table will back me up on this. If you do decide to go, and you're more than two people, make sure you get there before nine am or be patient while you're waiting for a table. Trust me, it's worth waiting for.

I have been there a total of five times and have ordered their egg baskets every single time. If you're into avocado, I strongly recommend you add this to your egg basket - which is filled with poached eggs, bacon and topped with spicy tomato relish. Enjoy! 

Trading Hours
Tuesday to Sunday
07h30 am to 16h00 pm

37 4th Avenue, Corner of 14th street
Parkhurst, Johannesburg

Tel 011 788 6286

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Thursday, 22 August 2013


If I had to describe my style in a few words, whether it be my wardrobe or home decor, I would go for the word "neutral". I am constantly drawn to the earthy tones. Having laid that on the table, you can understand why the brand {me}longings studio  just speaks to my heart. I love everything about the organically grown fabrics, from their chic and simple patterns to their neutral color palette.

"The design story at {me}longings studio begins and ends with Chanee Vijay. She has a hand in each step of the design process. She draws her designs, carves them into blocks, hand paints the screens, mixes the inks, hand pulls the prints and block prints onto organic hemp fabric, and sews them with her vintage Bernina {a gift from her mother}.

She's been sewing since high school, but her mom taught her how to sew her pillow covers with quality finishes for a higher-end and more durable product. It's all a very, very, very slow process that she cherishes when she holds the final product. The best part's all done in an environmentally sustainable way. Chanee's pillow covers are both elegant and practical - made to withstand the elements {removable & washable} in your most lived-in spaces."

If these stunning images are not convincing enough, head on over to their website to see even more prettyness. 

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Tuesday, 20 August 2013


As mentioned before, I have recently become very addicted to online shopping, especially when it comes to home decor. Art, kitchen utensils and ceramics are at the top of my list and I absolutely love browsing these items. Citymob is one of the coolest new things in my everyday life, keeping me up to date or introducing me to new artists and awesome products.

Citymob recently featured art prints by the very talented Nancy Ramirez, artist and owner of Cozamia. I just love her style and all the different shapes and colors she uses. 

About the artist

"I'm a color fanatic that’s fascinated with both traditional and digital methods of creating art. As a result, much of my work often combines these two unlikely mediums. I get a thrill out of mixing colorful fragments derived from abstract paintings with digital work as well as photography. I love how hand painted shapes and textures create unexpected contrasts against the sharp predictability of digital design.

I often draw inspiration from nature and everyday surroundings where I'm particularly drawn to color, symmetry and repetition. I get lost browsing through fashion mags, interior design books and blogs, all of this plays into the decorative vibe of my art."

My favorite prints

I prefer the neutral and earthy color palettes when it comes to decorating a home, but mixing it up with colorful prints just brightens up a room. These are some of my favorites, with the Flamingo Mingle at the top  of the list.





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Monday, 19 August 2013


Let me start with my own definition of nesting. "Nesting is the gathering of beautiful items for one's (present or future) home, focusing on the things you don't necessarily need, but want, because they make your living space your own." You get the point, right?

I have this idea that I would rather spend a little more money and get things that I can picture in our home ten years from now, rather than buying "cheap" stuff that will only fill the whole, so to speak, and replacing it with something better in a year or two.

For this reason, I decided to start early and gather things that I think I will like for a very long time, as I go along. I try my best to get these said items on sales and special promotions so that I won't need to spend a fortune. 

First on my list of things that I want to share with you guys are my new cappuccino cups from Love Milo. You may remember me blogging about them here.

What I got - Cuppatreeno

I bought two cups and saucers on promotion - through Citymob - to start with. I hope to fill my collection to eight of these lovelies. I chose the Cuppatreeno cups because they are larger than the tea cups. Plus I'm not really the biggest tea fan.

On my wishlist - Tribal triangle mug and Tribal stripe mug with wooden saucers. I will say that, although I love these mugs, I may just feel too afraid to ever use them at R200 a mug (yikes). But I am most definitely on the lookout for specials on these babies.

All images above were taken from the Love Milo website.